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1. Conveying Raw Material

When the buffings first arrive at Wellington, they are either stored for future use or poured onto the conveyer. Sometimes the buffings must be broken up before they are poured, as they become compacted due to being stored for a period of time. The buffings then begin their journey through the Wellington process.

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2. Rolling Magnet

The buffings then pass over a large and powerful rolling magnet, which collects and removes any metals that may have been accidentally removed in the buffing process of the truck tyres.

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3. 1st Multideck Sieve

At the first set of sieves, the largest buffings are separated from the smaller. The oversized buffings are collected off the top sieve. All the smaller material passes to the second sieve in the deck where the 2-3s material is removed, all the material smaller than the 2-3s pass through the screen and is carried to the second multideck sieve.

Oversize Tyre Tread Shred is used as mulch for gardening and public areas.

2/3’s Tyre Tread Shred can be used for underlay for playground flooring, traffic calming and playground tiles.

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4. Visual Check

Here, the buffings are checked for any impurities, such as cotton and road dirt that may have come from the carcass of the tyre or the tyre thread whilst the casing was being buffed.

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5. 2nd Multideck Sieve

The largest material that arrives at the second multideck sieve is 12 Mesh, which is removed by the top sieve, leaving 30 and 40 Mesh to be collected by the final sieve.

12’s Mesh Tyre Tread Crumb can be used as a drainage and grass effect aid for 4G/5G artificial pitches.

30’s Mesh Tyre Tread Crumb can be used in rubber compounding as well as in specialist adhesive products.

40’s Mesh Tyre Tread Crumb is also used for rubber compounding, such as back into new tyre tread, tyre compounding or break lining products.

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6. Final Product

The final product is bagged to the client’s requirements, normally in either 25kg bags or 1000kg Bulk Bags.

A lot number is assigned, and each lot is tested to make sure it meets our tight specifications (which are ISO:9001 accredited). Our tests include checking the spectrum of our product’s particle size to ensure the client gains maximum workability from the product.

We buy buffings!
Wellington Rubber Company are consistent buyers of truck tyre buffings and tread ends. Please contact us if you are interested in selling.