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Wellington in part of a world leading family of companies, parented by J Allcock and Sons. Wellington is an ISO 9001 accredited company, which means we can ensure the quality of our products through internationally approved standards. We achieve this through testing every batch that is produced on our line using a strict pass or fail system based upon the products specifications, as well as keeping all our quality procedures and practices up to date.

Wellington produces specific grades of Tyre Tread Buffings to fulfil the specific needs of our clients. (see the Products page for more details). Wellington is owned by J Allcock and Sons, which provides accompanying types of rubber crumbs, as well as rubber compounding chemicals and products.

Wellington, alongside our parent company J Allcock and Sons, have attended multiple international conferences of the rubber industry, enabling us to build and nurture relationships with our multinational client base.

One of the main uses for Wellington’s high quality Tyre Tread Buffings, of a small particle size, is for use in new rubber compounding. The third member of the J Allcock’s family of companies is Remould. Remould is our own unique method that has been scientifically proven to break 90% of crosslinks in vulcanised rubber. The Tyre Tread Buffings produced by Wellington can be Devulcanized through this process and be returned to a near virgin state, which can be re-vulcanised into any desired product.

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